Welcome to the mother of all support networks

They say it takes a village to raise a child…
…But what about you?

Who’s looking out for your needs? A five-minute chat with a health visitor now and then, doesn’t really cut it – and the six-week check often leaves mums feeling overlooked. That’s why we’ve created The Village. A thriving community dedicated to supporting your needs, where you can access expert care and connect with other new mums. An empowering, uplifting space that’s all about you.


Our community events are an uplifting way for you to prioritise your physical and emotional wellbeing, access expert guidance, and chat with like-minded mums.

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For more information about our Motherhood moments and all events:

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Practical online workshops

expert-led group workshops & discussion on priority topics

One-on-one consultations with trusted practitioners

access to trusted practitioners for individualised support

Modular expert-let content on the topics that matter

expert knowledge, across the many aspects of motherhood, all in one place


a virtual network for community connection & peer support

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