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April Motherhood Moment – ‘Mother Matters’

Saturday 20th April, 10am-12:30pm, St Andrew’s, Earlsfield

Expert Speakers

Isobel Austin-Little

Lucy Allen

Vern Hill

Isobel is a registered Nutritional Therapist (DIPCNM, BANT, CNHC) and Certified Fertility Practitioner at the Fertility Nutrition Centre. She supports couples wherever they are on their fertility journey, through pregnancy and the postpartum period. A mother of two herself, Isobel supports mothers throughout pregnancy, helping them to feel their best and avoid pregnancy-related conditions, helping them prepare for labour and the postpartum period. Her support extends beyond reconnecting clients with food; it touches on all areas of their lives, from how they live to how they breathe, move, de-stress, and sleep, reconnecting them with their bodies, helping women work with their hormones, preserve their fertility and get the most from their life. She practices personalised, evidence-based nutrition, providing the tools to support you and your family’s health for the future.

Lucy is a Consultant Physiotherapist specialising in Pelvic & Digestive Health. With a background in musculoskeletal physiotherapy, Lucy has developed a passion for helping both men and women overcome pelvic floor issues. She understands the significant impact these conditions can have on day-to-day life and is dedicated to empowering her clients to manage their symptoms and regain control. Lucy has also now expanded her services in to paediatric digestive health after seeing the lack of support offered for children. To further support her clients’ emotional and well-being needs, Lucy pursued a Masters in Psychology, enhancing her ability to provide holistic care and address the unique challenges her clients face. Lucy’s personal journey as an IBS sufferer and mother herself, having welcomed a little boy in September 2022, has deepened her understanding and empathy for the physical and emotional changes her clients’ experience. She brings this first hand knowledge to her work, providing compassionate care to all her clients.

Vern is a Pre- & Post-Natal Fitness Expert, father of two and the Founder of athleisure babywearing brand CARiFiT – which started out as a postnatal exercise programme and has since developed into a wellbeing platform for all new parents at every stage of their parenting. Vern has supported over 20,000 new mums (and some dads) with their babywearing and postnatal fitness journeys. He’s a passionate advocate for the long term benefits on the mental, physical, social and emotional impact for both parents and babies that comes from the ‘babywearing movement’.

Topics Covered

Maternal depletion

Basic nutrition to aide effective postpartum recovery

Most needed essential nutrients during the postpartum period

Exercise after kids – guardrails for a safe return to exercise

Infant brain development & the benefits of babywearing (for you and baby!)

Pelvic Health – what’s normal / what’s not / what can we do about it

Referral pathways & support options for managing your postpartum recovery

How best to advocate for yourself and navigate the system to get the right (and quality!) support you need

Event Summary

Another brilliant morning learning from experts and connecting with other women, taking time out for ourselves in the busyness of motherhood.

Our incredible line-up of expert practitioners dropped knowledge bomb after knowledge bomb on our panel, delving into the science behind infant brain development and the magic that happens (for you and your child!) when you ‘wear’ your baby for just 30 minutes a day; exploring the term ‘maternal depletion’ and how our nutritional state can have a major impact on our hormones, our energy, our mood and ultimately our postpartum recovery; the nutrients we need to most focus on during that recovery period, how we should be thinking of ‘building our plate’ with different macro and micro nutrients, and the signs and symptoms signalling we need to focus-in on our nutritional health; we learned the watch-outs and what-to-dos when it comes to our pelvic health – an area that affects so many of us during pregnancy, childbirth & postpartum but that so many of us live with the symptoms of despite there being support available & action we can take to improve things; we discussed the importance of appropriate education and information sharing during the antenatal period so that women are better able to advocate for themselves postpartum, recognising issues and understanding the pathways and methods for accessing & ensuring they receive quality and timely care. And we banged the drum again on the importance of investing in ourselves in motherhood, whether it be focusing on our fitness, our nutritional health, pelvic health or something else entirely – making an effort to do things that help reclaim a bit of ‘self’ are oh so important in the happy-hecticness of being a mum….

Our pop-ups were on point, with All About Mumz offering up mini treatments and products to help us feel pampered, colour-popping maternity fashion from Tilbea London to help us feel a bit more ‘me’, and beautiful bespoke designs from Emma Elizabeth London for a spot of gift shopping.

With coffee, croissants and conversation too – we came away feeling more connected to a community & inspired by the wealth of information & experience shared amongst us.

Suggested resources

If you are concerned about any aspect of your mental or physical health, or experiencing challenges, or keen to learn more – we’ve put together some suggested sources of information & support

Postpartum Nutrition
Postpartum Exercise & Babywearing
Pelvic Health


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Photography by Light by Lexi Photography

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